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Expert Group

The «Expert» Group of companies has been operating since March 2000.
The trademark (service mark) is registered since 2002.
Main activities of the Group are:

Audit services
During its activity the «ACF» Expert» has received 3 licenses for audit activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.
It is a member of Nonprofit Partnership Self-regulating organization «Russian Collegium of Auditors» since 2010. It is a member of Self-regulating organization «Russian Union of Auditors» since 2016.
The auditing activity is developing in the following areas:
• Audit subscription support with free consultations and issuance of the final audit report;
• Audits of enterprises of any forms of ownership, preparation of recommendations on bringing the financial statements in accordance with the applicable legislation;
• Individual consultations of auditors;
• Rendering other services related to the economic development of enterprises of all forms of ownership.

Independent appraisal
Appraisal activitiy is carried out since April 2002 on the basis of licensing by the Ministry of property relations.
LLC «Audit and Consluting Firm «Expert» is a member of Nonprofit Partnership «Self-regulating organization «Northwest Society of Appraisers», Nonprofit Partnership «Russian Collegium of Appraisers» on the basis of extract from the Minutes №27 of 18.02.2009.
Appraisers of the LLC «ACF «Expert» are members of the Interregional public organization «Northwest Society of Appraisers for the development of the appraisal activity», members of the Nonprofit Partnership «Self-regulating organization «National Board of Expert Appraisers» on the basis of extracts №02677, 02678 of 24.03.2009.
During the time of appraisal activity by LLC «AСF «Expert» the following services have been rendered:
• appraisal of residential and nonresidential real estate, land appraisal;
• appraisal of individual equipment, machinery, biofuel production lines, chips;
• bills, shares appraisal;
• trademarks appraisal;
• business appraisal;
• drawing up business plans of investment projects.

• Marketing research;
• Analytical review.
• Information and consulting support of accounting activity in any branch;
• Internal and external financial and economic analysis of the organization activity,

document workflow optimization;
• Checking, identifying, assisting in elimination of errors in tax charges;
• Planning and optimization of the organizational tax policy;
• Strategic Consulting;
• Building an efficient management system (Operational Consulting);
• HR administration outsourcing.

• Setting, maintenance, restoration of the company's accounting;
• Tax optimization;
• Control of accounting, reporting, calculation and payment of taxes and other obligatory payments;
• Development of manuals and guidelines on accounting;
• Automation of accounting and implementation of information technologies;
• Testing of the accounting personnel of the economic entity.

Legal services
• Legal advice;
• Representation and interests defence in court, drafting сomplaints;
• Legal support of real estate transactions;
• Registration of companies;
• Registration of representative offices;
• Changes to the constituent documents;
• Examination and development of documents (contracts, acts, protocols, etc.)

Representing interests of the economic entity by power of attorney to third parties when participating in projects.

Telephone: 8 (812) 401-01-88
E-mail: posta[@]
Address: 191123 Saint-Petersburg, Furshtatskaya str.43, letter A, office 26N.
Director – Dubrovina Irina Vasilievna. Auditor since 1999. Member of Nonprofit Partnership Self-regulating organization «Russian Collegium of Auditors» (RCA) since 2009. Appraiser since 2002. Member of Self-regulating organization «National Collegium of Appraisal Specialists»(NCAS) since 2009. Lawyer.
Head of appraisal services - Yakupova Ada Jurjevna. Appraiser since 2002. Member of Self-regulating organization «National Collegium of Appraisal Specialists»(NCAS) since 2009. Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Lawyer.

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